Advisory Board

Colin Jackson

Arts Education Consultant, Director Creative Learning Partnerships

Colin has been a staunch supporter of our work from day one (when he worked as a Local Authority Education Consultant) and has given us the weight of his backing; most crucially in getting our very first project off the ground which went on to win a national award. Colin now runs Creative Learning Partnerships (CLP) who offer a variety of services to the education and cultural sectors. CLP specialise in working with individuals and organisations to plan, deliver and evaluate creative engagements with children and young people.

Paul Vittles

Chief Executive of The Vittles Organisation

Paul Vittles has held Director-level positions with some of the world’s leading knowledge based consultancies (Nielsen, MORI, TNS). Paul is a professional researcher, being awarded Fellowship of the UK Market Research Society in 2001 for his pioneering work in community engagement and public consultation. He is also a Full Member of the Australian Market and Social Research Society. Paul has also practised as an executive coach and business mentor since 1997. He supports and advises individuals, teams, businesses, public services and not-for-profit organisations – helping them to set and
achieve their goals. Paul is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and is the current Chairman of the RSA in Australia and New Zealand.

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The Vittles Organisation

Rose Dowling

Director of the SHM Foundation Political Academy

Rose has been a constant positive influence on our business and practice and has been an excellent partner and mentor in her former role as National Director of the Edge Learner Forum Movement.

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The SHM Foundation

Sandra Furby MBE

Director of Learning and Development at Tribal Group

Sandra was awarded the MBE for her ground breaking work in running Future Prospects, a training institution which has helped countless marginalised people access learning and work.

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Bright Sparks : The IY Generation

As a Shadow to the Advisory Board we have formed a group of 15 young people selected from a range of campaign projects we have delivered over the last 4 years.   The role of this group is not only to guide and shape our project aspirations and generally keep us on our toes, but also to embark on new creative research, development and creative projects that we intend to establish!

Get in touch if you want to harness the power of the Bright Sparks!

Bright Sparks : The IY Generation