Aspire to More

The Inspired Youth Philosophy

Inspired Youth was born in January 2007.   We are an award-winning not-for-profit Social Enterprise who embrace the creativity and vibrancy of digital video production, arts, media and participative inclusion techniques to inform, challenge, educate and inspire.   Our drive is to make an ongoing positive impact in the community with a particular focus on engaging and empowering people who are considered by some as hard to reach.

Our philosophy underpins all of our work and is based on three elements:

Working with those closest to the issue.

We believe that people are experts in their own experiences.   We know that if you want to make a lasting impact on an issue which is affecting a community, you need to empower those who have the closest experience of that issue, or those who are seen to be at greatest risk, to find a solution.   We apply a creative process in order to explore shared and individual experiences and create solutions which are relevant, credible and timely.

50/50 Split

We believe that the end product is of equal value to the learning journey.   We concentrate 50% of our time, resources and efforts into making sure the experience of participants is valuable and enlightening.   We focus the other 50% of our time, resources and efforts into making sure the outputs are of significant quality and therefore carry significant impact.   This equal balance enables us to empower our participants through the creative experience and raise aspirations due to the impact of their work on the intended audience.

The IY Community

We believe in sharing opportunties, collaborating and forging valuable partnerships and have actively invested in what we call The IY Community.   We have created a collective of Artists and Creative Industry Professionals who we bring in to enrich our projects.   Working in partnership means that participants have the opportunity to work with inspirational professionals who they would not normally have the chance to meet.   In return our artists get to work with tomorrow’s talent today!