Being the Change


The project is provided by Inspired Youth on behalf of Circle Anglia.

Being the Change is an Arts and Media Campaign to help people tackle debt and financial difficulties.   Payday loans, door-step lenders and loan sharks create damaging pitfalls that can affect many people in the community.   As an organisation, Circle seek to provide support and positive alternatives for their tennants to help them regain healthy control of their finances.   Debt Advice and Credit Unions are two such services which are offered. This campaign is about making the support more widely known by people who are facing financial difficulties.

Project Aims:

•    To Empower a group of Circle Service Users to come up with
a striking preventative campaign based on their shared and
individual experiences of debt issues
•    To deliver high quality media to an advertising
agency and for them to display the images
on streets, busses and billboards

To visit the project BLOG please visit : Being the Change

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