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You Choose

Partners : CRI First Base & Safer York Partnership

Working with a group of young people who are effected by substance mis-use we created a powerful short advert with a preventative message for Safer York Partnership’s ALTN8 safer drinking campaign.

Accolades :
The launch was attended by senior members of Safer York Partnership including the Assistant Chief Constable.

You Choose Film

Arts Fusion

Partners : City of York Council Education Development Service and Extended Schools Service

A group of young people were offered the chance to use different art forms to create a youth campaign on an issue that was important to them. They chose Teenage Pregnancy. The project resulted in a huge mural, two campaign posters and two short campaign adverts designed for bluetooth distribution through peer networks.
Accolades :
Winner of ‘Intervention of the Year 2007’ at the Brook Excellence in Achievement Awards.
The posters and film were taken on by the York & North Yorkshire Teenage Pregnancy Unit.
The film is used as a PSHE resource in York schools.
The film became the centre-piece at the joint regional Teen Pregnancy conference.
The project featured as an example of excellent practice in the Local Authority JAR review, contributing to their ‘Outstanding’ scoring.

Arts Fusion Project BLOG

Young Creatives @ PRU

Partners : City of York Council Education Development Service, York Pupil Support Centre, City of York Council Arts & Culture Department

Empowering young people excluded from mainstream education to create, write and develop a promotional campaign to support a city wide youth arts festival. 5 short adverts were produced for Bluetooth distribution amongst young people’s peer networks. The themes of the historical Mystery Plays were transposed by the young people and put into a modern youth context focussing on morality and social issues.
Accolades :
Winner of a YOSCAR film award 2008
Films to be shown at the Intercult 2008 international youth film festival
Films featured on ITV Local Network

Young Creatives @ PRU Project BLOG

All About Us

Partners : Travellers Education Support Service, Connexions and City of York Council Arts and Culture.

Engaging with a group of Gypsy, Roma and Traveller young people and empowering them to explore and express their experiences of learning through a broadcast quality short film and poster campaign.
Accolades :
The launch was attended by senior council members and many members of the Gypsy/Roma and Traveller Community.
Films to be shown at the Intercult 2008 international youth film festival.
Entered for the Local Authority Children’s Services Awards 2008.
The project featured as an example of excellent practice in the Local Authority JAR review, contributing to their ‘Outstanding’ scoring.

All About Us Project BLOG

Wake Me Up & Anti-Bullying ITV Campaign

Partners :
Beat the Bullies Campaign, City of York Arts & Culture, DISC e2e scheme

The ITV campaign was designed to promote a previous film project called Wake Me Up (Delivered and Directed by Kevin Curran). The Wake Me Up’ project empowered young people to create, write and develop a broadcast quality film which explores young people’s experience of bullying. The film and resource pack is designed to help tackle the issue.

Wake Me Up Film

Wake Me Up ITV Trailer

Edge Learner Forum York & North Yorkshire

Partners :
The Edge Learner Forum National Network, SHM Ltd and NYBEP

Coordination and facilitation of the Edge Learner Forum in York and North Yorkshire on behalf of the Edge Foundation. The Learner Forum is a group of young people, all with vast and varied experiences of learning. They come together to explore and express their experiences of learning and to design projects which are intended to improve young people’s experience of education. The projects have a particular focus on raising the status of practical learning and encourages young people, parents, employers and institutions to recognise all forums of intelligence.
Accolades :
The Edge Learner Forum has growing recognition and influence with MPs, the DCSF, major employers and youth organisations.


Partners : Connexions York & North Yorkshire and York Young People’s Services

The aims of the Evolution project was to creatively engage young people who have intensive or well-established experience of the Connexions & Youth Service; to
produce high quality outputs which capture their thoughts, feelings & experiences moving forward into the new arrangements for young people’s services. The process of creating these outputs enabled in-depth discussion and debate around young people’s experiences and needs for the evolving young people’s service whilst producing informative and engaging creative outputs for an exhibition.


Partners : The Edge Foundation, Learning City York, Aimhigher North Yorkshire, Connexions York & North Yorkshire, York Youth Service.

Working with the Edge Learner Forum to design a fresh new careers resource in order to engage and inspire young people to get the best out of their work experience opportunities. The project encouraged young people to experience careers education in a practical way bringing the subject to life. The film and resources can be used to guide learners through the Visionary process, to imagine where they could be in ten years time and to learn from successful people in industry.
Accolades :
The Visionary process has been taken on by Learning City York and North Yorkshire Business & Education Partnership as innovative part of work experience delivery.

New Directions

Partners : North Yorkshire Youth Offending Team, North Yorkshire ISSP

Working with young people on the ISSP programme to explore and define their experience of restorative justice. ISSP is a programme delivered as part of a court order for prolific young offenders or those who have committed a grave offence.
Accolades :
The film was created for stakeholders at the AGM and is now used as a training and promotion resource with both staff members and young people.

York Youth Mysteries

Partners : City of York Arts & Culture
Document and capture the rehearsal process leading up to the festival and the flavour of the day itself from the public point of view.


Partners : York Youth Service

The Yorkash Film is a resource for highlighting the success of Yorkash funded youth projects and the engagement and recruitment of new Yorkash youth panelists.