Inspired Social Secondments

Hire your very own Inspired Youth Director!

In the age of creative survival, Inspired Youth are looking to diversify our offer to the communities that we serve.   With this in mind we are excited to be able to offer groups and organizations of all shapes and sizes the chance to hire our expertise on a daily or weekly basis.   We are calling this programme Inspired Social Secondments!

So what are the benefits?  

Between the Directors, Kev Curran and Chris James, we have 22 years experience of devising and delivering award-winning creative arts and digital media campaigns, designing and implementing refreshing service user empowerment models, social research and creative development projects and producing bespoke digital media products.

Chris is a driven and flexible Creative Producer and Company Director who has qualifications in Counselling and Project Management.   He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and has built projects which have been debated in the most influential arenas in the land.   Kev is an award-winning creative visionary who has consistently proven the ability to find creative solutions for the issues affecting organizations and communities.

If you want to be able to engage, empower and inspire then we are the people to help!

How would it work?

It may be that you’d like access to an Inspired Youth Director for an afternoon per week for a given period, or maybe a day per week or a week block?   We are happy to talk with you to shape what would work best for your organisation or project.   You will not have to ‘employ’ us, merely pay a fee to Inspired Youth for our time.

Interested?   Get in touch.


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